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Special Offer for :
Mid-Grade Granite Countertop WITH Sink Purchased, Fabricated, and Installed from $31.99/sq. ft!

Includes: FIFTY FIVE 3-cm/1.25-inch Thick Countertop Choices, FIVE Edge Types, 15-Year Sealant, Installation, and a FREE 18-Gauge Stainless Sink, OR $200.00 OFF a 16-Gauge Stainless Undermount Sink.

NOTE: Templating Fee Applies.

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Mid Grade Granite Countertop Bathroom Specials: Bobs Granite Place Mid-Grade Granite Countertop & Sinks in Bathroom.

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Select from the Mid-Grade Granite Countertop Choices Below:

13 granite countertop choices starting at $31.99 per square foot.

Azul Platino
Azul Platino granite

Bianco Sardo
Bianco Sardo granite

Samoa Light
Samoa Light granite

Bainbrook Brn.
Bainbrook Brown granite

Butterfly Green
Butterfly Green granite

Cranberry Tan
Cranberry Tan Brown granite

Golden King
Golden King granite

Golden Peach
Golden Peach granite

Luna Pearl
Luna Pearl granite

New Caledonia
New Caledonia granite

UbaTuba granite

Verde Peacock
Verde Peacock granite

Yellow Santa
Yellow Santa Cecelia granite

15 granite countertop choices starting at $34.99 per square foot.

Baltic Brown
Baltic Brown granite

Black Pearl
Black Pearl granite

Coffee Brown
Coffee Brown granite

Steel Grey
Steel Grey granite

Giallo Ornament.
Giallo Ornamental granite

Jade granite

Tropic Brown
Tropic Brown granite

Carioca Gold
Carioca Gold granite

New Venetian G.
New Venetian Gold granite

Desert Brown
Desert Brown granite

Santa Cecelia
Santa Cecelia granite

Sapphire Blue/Brwn
Sapphire Blue Brown granite

Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Fiorito granite

Silver Pearl
Silver Pearl granite

Verde Wave
Verde Wave granite

13 granite countertop choices starting at $42.99 per square foot.

Absolute Black
Absolute Black granite

Abs Blk. Honed
Absolute Black Honed granite

Costa Sr. Rose
Costa Smeralda Rose granite

Delicatus granite

Nero Wave
Nero Wave granite

White Wave
White Wave granite

Hawaiian Green
Hawaiian Green granite

Juparana Spr. Cls.
Juparana Super Classico granite

New Ivory Fant.
New Ivory Fantasy granite

Giallo Orn. Guidoni
Giallo Ornamental Guidoni granite

Kashmir White
Kashmir White granite

Paradiso granite

Giallo Vicenza Clas.
Giallo Vicenza Classic granite

14 granite countertop choices starting at $49.99 per square foot.

Antique White
Antique White granite

Black Galaxy
Black Galaxy granite

Blue Pearl GT
Blue Pearl GT granite

Crema Bordeaux
Crema Bordeaux granite

Yellow River
Yellow River granite

Eagle White
Eagle White granite

Giallo Veneziano
Giallo Veneziano granite

Juparana Pers. A
Juparana Persia A granite

Bianco Antico
Bianco Antico granite

River White
River White granite

Snowstorm granite

Volga Blue
Volga Blue granite

Sandalwood granite

New Gold
New Gold granite

"Availability is subject to change without notice."

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